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Don't Meth with Us!


The program was initiated in our area by local Rotarian, Bill Davis. Bill knew of a similar program that was started in New Mexico in 2010, and he was granted permission to use some of the same ideas here to start the local program. Bill was able to augment the initial start up with donations from 25 sponsors and a Rotary district grant.

At inception, Sewanee and Monteagle elementary schools were served. Cowan elementary school was added in 2012.

A contest was held among fifth-graders to create a design for special T-shirts and was won by Madeleine Wiedemann of Monteagle. In addition to the T-shirts, each 5th grader received a 4-way test coin, imprinted with the Rotary pledge that reinforces truthfulness, fairness, and building goodwill and friendships in all they they think, say, and do.

In addition to receiving the T-shirts and 4-way Test coins, the students listened to a high school student share her first hand experience of living in a home dominated by meth abuse.

In 2014, 125 fifth grade students were reached with this program. Typically, Rotarians visit the schools during Red Ribbon Week, which is a campaign supported nationally in many public schools, to raise awareness for drug use and abuse. Red Ribbon week this year is celebrated October 26-30. In addition to a presentation on Meth use, the students get T-shirts and other gifts from the Rotary club.

The Franklin County Prevention Coalition helps students with support and counseling. For more information on this program contact Tabitha Curtis at

The 2015 program schedule is:

For more information on the "Don't Meth with Us" program, contact Bob Askew at 931-598-5311.